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Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm a Korean TV star... well, kinda.

Okay, maybe calling myself a TV star is going a bit far, but I did make my first appearance on Korean television this week in a story about the Japanese and Russian students who visited SEV a few weeks ago.

I had a few issues with this shoot. Rather than just coming into the classroom to shoot unobtrusively (you know, the way we were trained to do in journalism school), the cameraman and PR director completely took control of the class.

From feeding both me and the students lines to say ("Okay, now with more enthusiasm." "I want you to say: 'Learning English is fun!'"), to staging entire scenes (putting cooked cupcakes back in the oven because the cameraman didn't get a shot during the entire 20 minutes they were already in the oven), it was a completely planned event.

That's fine if you're making a promotional video for the school -- which is obviously what our PR director wanted -- but this was for EBS (Educational Broadcasting System), a state-run network "known for its high-quality documentary and education programs."

Mashisseyo! (delicious)

Now, I wasn't going to bust out any JOUR300 ethics in the middle of class, but the entire set-up really bothered the part of me that spent four years busting my ass in one of the best journalism schools in the nation.

All this to say: I don't mind cameras in my class. But staging the news isn't journalism, it's PR.

Just calling it like it is.

Of course, there was this particularly attractive shot right down the front of my shirt.

I can already see the new promo posters...

(If you want to watch the entire segment, you can download it here: http://bigmail6.mail.daum.net/Mail-bin/bigfile_down?uid=KuPzuPaIFtvrwUVs15opFcBeeuFda3f2)

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