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Thursday, April 16, 2009

From the mailbag

A new friend:
Dear Erin Teacher,

Hello? Erin teacher? My name is Alice. I study with you. When I study with you, I'm very happy. Do you think SEV is fun? I think SEV is the best. Because SEV has many rooms like post office, cooking or chess room. When I go SEV one more time, I find you. You wait me please. Ha! Ha! I think you are very good teacher.
Bye. Love, Alice

Is he hitting on me?
Dear Erin,
Hello teacher, I'm John. Teacher look like a beautiful. And thank you for teaching
[it either says 'teaching' or 'touching,' I'm not sure but hope it's 'teaching'] student. And your voice look like a happy always.

Concern from a student, how sweet:
Dear Erin Teacher,
Hellow! I think I'm lucky to met you! In this morning, I was excited, happy and I was a little bit sad because I can't see my parents during this English camp. But I went here, I didn't feel sad! I enjoyed all classes.

Erin Teacher, I have questions to you. Can you answer to me? OK, my question is when you came to this English camp first time, you didn't feel sad to can't see your parents? This is my first question and how much do you like this camp? This is my second question.
From, Judy

Drama central:
Dear Erin Teacher,
How are you, Erin? I'm very excited and happy because of fun SEV camp. I believe that you believe me. I'm Linda, the student that you take to the immigration center. I was extremely pleased before lunchtime but I am now little bit mad because our school will make a dance group in the school-born day. And 20 students partcipated in dance group. But teacher told us that she has to elect the 3 most good dancer in 20 students. I thought we will take a dance test to elect 3 students but teacher elected by childrens' recommend. Teacher didn't know who is a good dancer and several friends and I wanted to elect in 3 best dancers.

So, that is the story of the reason why I'm mad now. But I will relax and get better. Right! I have a question for you. What is your favorite clothes fashion?
Love, Linda

Possibly my favorite letter ever:

Dear Erin Teacher,
Howdy? Do you remember me? I am Lisa, I am from Texas and I like Mexican food. I was in your first class. How are you? I am great. I think SEV is fantastic. I want to be here every day. Since I am from America, I like speaking in English better than Korean. I really like all of the teachers but the reason that I chose you is that you and me have a lot of things in common.

I want to ask you two questions. Is it okay? It isn't personal so it is okay. Don't worry. What is your favorite Mexican food? Why did you get to live here? I really want to see you again.

Sincerely, Lisa
P.S. What class do you teach?

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