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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do you have the travel bug?

I do! Get diagnosed here.

(Speaking of travel, here are 6 reasons you should want to live in DC -- thanks Simone!)

Andrew Zimmern is bringing "Bizzare Foods" to Seoul in an episode premiering April 21. Hopefully I'll be able to find this episode online because it should be interesting. At last you can all get a taste of my everyday life -- or, at least, understand why I'm always complaining about the food. Expect to see a LOT of kimchi. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, folks.

And no, we don't eat dog every day here. In fact, dog soup (bosintang) is actually pretty difficult to track down and the average Korean doesn't eat it at all. It's most popular amongst older men looking for an added boost of virility.

(Will you hate me if I admit I'm tempted to try it? Yes, this is the same Erin who barely eats beef or pork and yet is willing to eat an adorable puppy. Call it a cultural experiment.)

Funny: Walking through Hongdae a few weeks ago, I passed the Bau Haus Dog Café. My first thought was that this was somewhere to eat bosintang. But it's actually (this is SO Korean) a café filled with dogs. That's it. Walk in, order a drink and play with puppies. Melissa went to a similar place in Tokyo where you pay a fee to play with cats for an unlimited amount of time.


Gosh, I really do blog about food too often. Ah well, this is why you're fat. <-- Tad, you'll like this.


  1. LOVED the 6 reasons you should want to live in DC! My urge to travel to your hometown is constantly growing.

    Kind of curious about bosintang, but not brave enough to attempt at trying.

  2. oh man. i think i'm going to make it my new personal life goal to eat every dish on that site. also, choco tacos are delicious!

  3. hahahhahaa i just saw your facebook post. i swear i saw and read prior to your prompting!