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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Counting calories and the Shred

Statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, Gwanghwamun

My entire body hurts.

Actually, it's not nearly as bad as yesterday, when just sitting down required both hands and an audible moan of pain. I felt like a 95-year-old, arthritic woman.


I started the Shred. The Shred of Dread, I'm going to start calling it. After first hearing about it from Jess, I realized that everyone was doing it. Well, if all the cool kids are doing something, count me in too!

It's actually an amazing workout for only 22 minutes. I wasn't sure what could be accomplished in under 1/2 an hour but to cause so much pain, something must be happening, right?

If nothing else, my energy level has sky-rocketed. Before, I used to lie in bed for a few minutes after the alarm rang and then wearily drag myself to the bathroom, eyes barely open. But the past few days, I've been up before the alarm and full of energy. I hope it lasts.

I decided to find out how many calories are burned during this intense workout -- you know, to make up for the masses of Easter candy I have floating around my apartment. After finding the right information (answer: not nearly enough), some other interesting calorie-burning activities popped up.

A few favorites:
- Sitting on the Toilet - 61 calories per hour (CPH)
- Cooking Indian Bread on an Outside Stove - 185 CPH
- Maple Syruping/Sugar Bushing - 308 CPH
- Showering - 123 CPH

Gosh, I need to start maple syruping...!

TMI? Yesterday I found myself wishing I owned a Shewee. Ouch. Today was only Day 3 -- 27 more to go -- but it's definitely something I can stick with and recommend.


  1. This comment will be very disjointed...apologies in advance!

    I <3 Caitlin's blog! I didn't know you read it too!

    Thanks for the linky!!

    Day Two was a lot tougher than I thought. I didn't realize my shoulders were so sore until I started those dreaded shoulder raises.

    So glad you're liking the Shred though! I'm really loving it!

  2. Sounds like I need to get that!!! Carmen Electra strip tease dance aerobics DVD (first disc, the one with dance moves not the chair/pole) bored me to tears after doing it a few times. Ironic, no?

    Jess - Let's have a Shred party soon :)

  3. Oh God, the Shred! I have it too! I was doing pretty well with it, but unfort I gave up because I get bored quickly. Need to get back on it, though! It's a really tough workout, and there's a definite difference between the levels. Jillian truly kicks my ass!