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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boobs = Boooo

Teaching Physician's class today, I had an interesting encounter with one little girl.

Physician's is all about physical exertion -- testing grip and back strength, flexibility, the number of push-ups and sit-ups you can do, vision tests and measuring height and weight. It's a pretty fun and easy class to teach and one I always enjoy seeing on my schedule.

At the beginning of class, I demonstrate all of the machines and how to use them properly. This usually doesn't stop the students from hurting themselves/breaking something/swinging the metal back strength chain around the room, but it at least gives an idea of what to do.

Mistake #1: Writing my height and weight on the board. Being at least a head taller than these third graders, and about twice their weight, instantly gave me the label of "giant." Or, as one girl (Sally #3) preferred, "pig." Gee, thanks. (At least it gives me motivation to let Jillian kick my ass again tonight.)

So that didn't bother me but what she said next left me laughing nearly to tears. Pointing at my boobs, she said, "This is ... " and made the thumbs-down sign. Boooo.

"What?" I asked.

Thumbs-down. "Bad."

I'm still not sure what the thumbs-down is for. Are my boobs so small that Sally #3 pitied me and my un-fabulous rack? Are they so large by Asian standards that I've become a freak?

Not sure.

Of course, another student (could it be the same? must investigate!) told Heather this week that her boobs were sad and I just don't know what to make of that one. Who knew breasts had emotions?!


  1. HAHAHA oh my goodness! there must be something more to this... some inside joke maybe? very strange. korean kids are such a mystery sometimes.

  2. Hahahah oh my gosh! I can't believe she said Boo about your boobs!!! Too funny! P.S. Jillian is evil haha.

  3. you're boobs are wonderful! and by my standards you are perfectly normal... i'd be the giant one and hell MK would be the jolly green giant to them. haha. MISS YOU!