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Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's your RealAge?

Yesterday during a break from work, I stumbled onto the website RealAge.com, a health website run by Drs. Roizen and Oz (whom I knew from his numerous appearances on "Oprah").

Besides offering free diet and workout plans, the website also has a 10-minute survey you can take that weighs overall health, fitness, diet and other factors to determine your "real" age.

Turns out, my RealAge is the same as my chronological age: 23.1 years. At first I thought the test was broken but then several of my friends the same as me took the survey and got varying results. Jess, who is very active with running and yoga, has a RealAge of 15; Lauren scored a 28, which she chalks up to not having a dog.

Here's how it broke down. A + is something that works in my favor, making my RealAge younger; an X is a negative, making me older.

+ Not taking any meds
X Not knowing your cholesterol levels
+ No family history of ovarian cancer

+ Avoiding secondhand smoke
+ Being a nonsmoker
X Not flossing enough

X Not having a dog
X Facing a lot of stress

+ Being a fruit eater
+ Eating a variety of foods
+ Taking daily vitamins

+ Having a healthy BMI
X Not building enough flexibility
+ Having a good resting heart rate

What's your RealAge? Take the survey and let me know!


  1. Whoo thanks for the link shout out! What a super fun little quiz that was!

  2. I'm young! I think its because I exercise? If they'd asked us how many countries we'd been to they'd say any of us are like 80 years old. =P

    Calendar Age



  3. Haha you have everyone blogging about this now. I'm convinced mine is messed up. Having the family history of both breast and ovarian cancer pushed me over the edge. Although Tad's friend Brandon came out to 14.5 and he says he doesn't know how he feels about it hahaha