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Monday, March 23, 2009

Hyewha happenings

Before I write about exploring Hyewha this weekend, when I wrote the title of this post all I could think of was Fred Willard in that classic scene from A Mighty Wind: "Hey, wha' happened?"

That really might be the funniest movie ever.

Anyway anyway anyway, beautiful spring weather finally debuted in Korea this week and that gave us a chance Saturday to escape campus and walk around outdoors. Major salad cravings led us to Hyewha and... ta da!

Salad. Real salad. Green lettuce, grilled chicken, oil & vinegar, cheese. It's a discovery of epic proportions -- but another amazing food discovery dwarfed salad's importance later this weekend. You can read about that food find in my blog tomorrow. How's that for a cliffhanger?!

After enjoying a delicious meal, we spent some time walking around and shopping in Hyewha. It's a fantastic neighborhood in Seoul with lots of students, which means great (and cheap) shopping, many restaurants and an overall cool, laid-back vibe. There were tons of people out enjoying the sunshine, too, and it made me excited for spring and summer in Korea. The nice weather definitely marks a shift in my attitude toward this country, I think.

No trip to Hyewha is complete without a visit to Cold Stone Creamery, of course. Does Coldstone America have the strawberry shortcake creation? It's amaaazing!

Playing with mirrors while shopping

Outside a doughnut shop

Moses guarding the movie theatre? I don't know.

Most English on shirts here is complete gibberish but I like this one.

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