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Sunday, February 8, 2009


One of the most interesting things about a Korean grocery store is how many cross-promotions products have. Buy one thing, get something completely unrelated free. This is called "service" (pronounced service-uh).

Yesterday at E-Mart, Jeanette bought a box of healthy, whole grain cereal. It conveniently was accompanied by a box of Oreos. And I'm not using "conveniently" sarcastically, either. She was actually looking for Oreos and there weren't any on the shelves -- how perfect that the cereal had them.

Two bottles of wine for ₩6,000? A bargain. Getting free lotion and chapstick, too? What a steal!

The service on my laundry detergent was pretty lame, though. Just a mini box of the same detergent. Boooring.

The concept of service applies to a lot of things in Korea. Restaurants often offer service tea after a meal and norebang also sometimes gives service sodas and snacks.

A little hospitality goes a long way, that's for sure.

(The highlight of the trip, however, was locating the organic food section in E-Mart's basement. Antibiotic-free chicken breast, free-range eggs, organic fruits and veggies, whole wheat pasta... Finally, after more than four months, some decent food!)

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  1. Um that sounds awesome. I wish any country I'd been to had that.