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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Packing perils

Packing for a trip, no matter how long or short, is always a struggle. Even when the weather will be the same every day -- HOT -- the same questions exist. To bring this shirt or that one? How many sundresses? Do I need more than one bathing suit? Do I even own more than one bathing suit?

Everything I could potentially want to bring to the Philippines is in a massive pile on my bed, upon which I'm currently lying. The usual pre-travel excited butterflies haven't even hit yet, and they usually descend like clockwork 24 hours before any departure. I guess working straight through the weekend and being so busy besides that has given the entire trip an unreal feeling. It certainly doesn't feel like I'll be at Incheon in less than 24 hours, much less that I'll be in Cebu in 30-ish hours.


The weather forecast has improved to now show only one day with thunderstorms, and the rest either sunny or partly sunny with a chance of rain. I'll take those odds. Hey, I'd still rather be in warm but rainy Cebu than freezing but sunny Seoul. A girl needs some warmth once in awhile.

Camera = charging. Hopefully I'll come home with some good pictures.

Now I just need to somehow transform the chaos on my bed into a neat bundle to fit inside my backpack. It's only a 5-day trip -- how much stuff can I need?! (Answer: very little. I'm actually low-maintenance but incredibly lazy.)

I should probably be more like this:

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