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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A little piece of Paris in Seoul

France is one of my favorite vacation destinations if for no other reason than the incredible food. No matter which tiny café you visit, you're guaranteed fresh bread, a delicious latte and perfect pastries.

Natalie had told me before about a fantastic French bistro in the heart of Itaewon, so that's where we went for brunch straight after church on Sunday.

Le Saint-Ex has both a French owner and French chef, so the authenticity is spot-on. A set brunch menu includes eggs and bacon, a selection of fresh-baked breads, yummy salad, roasted potatoes and an icy watermelon palate cleanser.

It was honestly as good as any breakfast I've had in France and fresh ingredients made all the difference between this meal and those at "fake" French restaurants. It's clear that the chef knows what he's doing -- this place can definitely compete with my all-time favorite brunch spot, the impeccable Bistro Français in Georgetown.

The decor at Le Saint-Ex is also adorable, especially a bookshelf filled with French books, including a number of French-language Seoul guidebooks, and some French grocery products. It is the kind of cozy bistro that is ideal for a rainy day or simply people-watching.

There are a few different breakfast places in the area that I'm excited to try. I never mind trekking over to Itaewon because it means a) a wide variety of international restaurants and b) an excuse to visit What the Book.

**5 days until the Philippines**


  1. Sounds like a really nice place for a cozy meal. The food looked really lovely also.
    Can't wait to read all about your trip.

  2. Looks absolutely lovely! I love the photo you took looking out the window from the inside. The lighting is really pretty. I have to say though that I had a bad experience at Bistro Francais when I went for restaurant week last fall :( I loved the atmosphere but my food was horrible! Hopefully, the chef was just having a bad night...