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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It's vacation time again!

Well, not quite, but in less than three weeks my school is closed for another week, and Melissa and I are jetting off to the warm (if not always sunny) Philippines. Cebu, one of the main islands, to be exact.

map from cnn.com

If I knew very little about Thailand before visiting, I know even less about the Philippines. One of my coworkers lived there for two months and gave me some basic info, and I have a few Filipino friends back in the States, but otherwise we're just playing it by ear.

Planning to spend a couple of days in Cebu City before getting out of town and spending the rest of the vacation lounging on the beach.

photo from pbase.com

The food sounds delicious too, with its strong Spanish and Mexican influences. Curries and paella? Yum yum yum.

The thought of escaping to the Philippines is getting me through the next three super-busy, super-hectic weeks at work.

photo from flickr.com

Oh, and do you remember that video circulating the Internet last year of the Filipino prisoners dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"? Yep, it happened at a prison on Cebu!


  1. Its the first time I saw the video. Last year (November to early December 2008) was my second time to visit Cebu and wow! I mean, the place looks really really nice.

    We are even planning to settle there.

    What I love the most? The Ayala circle and....spa, massages and therapies like that.

    I love Cebu!




  2. Ugh. Take me with you! After I pay off the doctor visits and the ultrasound from my kidney stone, I won't have enough money to visit a truck stop! Being an adult sucks