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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Google: Bringing people together one keyword at a time

I'm always interested to see what Google keywords bring people to this blog. Some make sense, like people looking up my name or Postcards from the World.

But others... well, just take a look:
  • ages of meryl streep and pierce bosman (who is Pierce Bosman?)
  • asian fanatic hey say jump
  • what has been the coldest day in 2009 so far in cambridge, md. (Lauren, is this you?)
  • pay bribes to be released from thai jails
  • my own private idaho (apparently this is a Gus Van Sant movie, who knew?!)
  • postcard hobo heart stick
  • cuties galore
  • salvador adult images (Alia, I'm holding you responsible for this one)
And, of course, my personal favorite:
  • anna massage crotch
Makes sense my little blog would just pop right up for that one.

**11 days until the Phillipines**


  1. Haha those keywords are hilarious! Where did you got find that? I'd love to see what stuff people search and get to my blog

  2. Yeah same question for me too, Jess. I get to your blog from my blog roll so no that's not me.

    Also for fun, type in "i am extremely" into google and see what search suggestions come up. The last one is hilarious

  3. Yes! Give us instructions how to find our own creepy google keyword stats....

  4. I am not trolling for Salvadoran porn!

  5. note to self: this weekend, spend hours searching for erin's blog with the most inane keywords possible.