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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Asia adventures

Has anyone been to either Indonesia or the Philippines and have any recommendations on where to go or what to do there?

Melissa and I are trying to decide where to spend our week off in March (yes, we get another week of vacation. It's just unfortunate they are all clumped together...).

Right now, we're looking at either Indonesia or the Philippines depending on flight costs and other expenses. Trying not to spend too much so I can really go all-out in Australia this summer.

Sometimes, I really love my life.


  1. such tough decisions on deciding what country to travel to next.....(note the envy in my tone for emphasis)

  2. My cowork is from Indonesia I'll ask her where to visit there if you go!


  3. A friend of mine at work just came back from Phillipines and she only had positive things to say.