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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two more comas

Yesterday in class, a student asked, "Teacher, what is it called when you sleep for one day or two days?"

I wasn't entirely sure what he meant but answered, "A coma?"

And he very sweetly replied, "Okay, I go home Thursday. So it's only three more comas until I can go home."

So in that vein, only two more comas before I'm in Thailand. We're mostly playing it by ear as far as day-to-day plans and hostels, but we have a definite travel schedule and (hopefully) reserved train/ferry tickets from Bangkok to Ko Samui.

There aren't words for how excited I am. This is a much-needed break from teaching, cold weather and Seoul in general. My idea of heaven right now is lying on a warm, sandy beach with waves breaking just meters away, a cold drink in one hand and a huge bowl of Pad Thai in the other.

Two more comas, just two more comas until this dream becomes a reality.


  1. Hope you have lots of fun on your vacation!!! Take lots of pictures for us!

  2. Wow, the time is upon you already! Have a great time and return safely.

    Also, your plans for travel next year (refering to comments on my blog) sound really exciting. Budapest is somewhere I long to visit. Once again, I will live through you until I too reach that destination.

    Take care.