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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh, the things they say!

The funny:

Sandy (teacher): What do you think is the most important thing in the world?
11-year-old boy: Tom Cruise

Me: What is your favorite animal?
Boy: My favorite animal is pig.
Me: Why?
Boy (with devilish grin): Delicious!

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Girl: Supergirl.
Me: What's that? Is it like Superman?
Girl: No, I'm a girl.

Me: What makes you happy?
Innumerable students: I don't know.
Me: What do you like? Your mom? Your dad? Friends? Puppies?
Innumerable students: Computer games.

The, um, incredibly awkward and inappropriate:

Me: I'm from Washington. You know Obama?
Students: Oh yea! Obama! I like Obama!
Boy: I don't like Obama.
Me: Why not?
Boy: He's too blackish.

...and then there was the time Melissa's students asked a Korean counselor to translate a cool new English word they had just learned. The word? Sperm. What are you teaching those kids in airplane class?!


  1. That was me,I think. I couldn't answer that. I can explain this them now. What Every mon wants.

  2. I just think it's hilarious that of all the English words kids learn at SEV, THAT is the one they picked up on!

  3. That was hilarious, especially the 'blackish' comment. Like, what? lol. so funny.