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Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm lucky not to be bald...

(I realize this post would be infinitely better with before and after pictures, but, um, I haven't taken any. Maybe this weekend.)

Okay, first haircut in Korea. It could have been a success or a total disaster. Thankfully, it was overwhelmingly positive and I walked out with about three fewer inches, more layering and no noticeable bald patches. Whew!

It's frustrating to go to the hair salon period -- trying to communicate what you want and make sure the stylist understands before she starts chopping away Sweeney Todd-style. So imagine that same experience except your stylist doesn't speak the same language as you. Yep, it was a little difficult.

Juno Hair is a huge chain in Seoul and some of my friends have been there, so I knew it was a place I could trust. At 20,000 won it's a definite bargain and they offer complimentary coffee, tea, wine and other goodies.

It's a nice salon, large and clean. I brought a picture of the style I wanted and after showing that to the stylist and a brief consultation, they washed my hair and gave an amazing scalp and neck massage for 10-15 minutes. So relaxing!

Then the stylist went to town. I was really nervous that it would be too short or that she would do something funky or Korean-style. But Seung Won did a great job. She actually spoke a little English, at least enough to ask basic questions and communicate some.

After finishing the cut, she blow-dried and straightened, then they washed it again before blow-drying again. I'm not sure why... but I wasn't complaining! Overall it took about 2 hours for a basic haircut, which was kind of long, but nevertheless a relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

I like the final result. After deciding that I was sick of long hair, it's shorter with a side bang. Might still trim the bangs a little but otherwise, it was a positive experience and I'll definitely go back.

Although it will be nice to return to the days of having fluent conversation with my stylist.


  1. The neck massage makes me embarrassed whenever I take it.

  2. Ohhh please post pictures! I really want to see the new look!