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Monday, January 5, 2009

Food controls my mind

I've felt bone-crushingly tired almost the entire time I've lived in Seoul. It can't be the work schedule -- getting up at 7:30 isn't exactly the crack of dawn, and we're finished every day by 5:15. It's not crazy partying. It's not an abundance of exercise wearing down my body.

It's the food.

The Korean diet, or at least the Korean food they serve here at school, consists heavily of pork, white rice, foods with gelatinous in the title (gelatinous rice cubes, gelatinous noodles), fried meats and unidentifiable soups. It's rare to see a vegetable that isn't heavily saturated with sauce or covered with fiery spices.

Not exactly the healthiest dinner options. And usually I walk away from a cafeteria meal still hungry and definitely not satiated.

After reading a few articles about how food can influence emotions and mood, I decided that a break from cafeteria food, if not all Korean food, was necessary. No more pork, nothing fried and (as much as possible) no white rice.

Tonight I bought a few chicken breasts and grilled those with taco seasoning brought over to the USA. Put on top of some lettuce, it was a delicious meal and more filling and substantial than anything I've had at the cafeteria at weeks. And -- voila -- a healthy dinner!

What am I looking forward to most about Thailand? The tigers will be cute, the elephants fun, and relaxing in the sun at the beach phenomenal. But really, I can't wait to eat delicious Thai food every day. $1 Pad Thai? I'm coming for you!


  1. Sam Laz's roommate from college keeps a food blog where she posts a bunch of usually fairly healthy recipes. It's Tartreform.blogspot.com.

    I use it all the time. She's got a category called easy, which is for people like me who are not the most gifted in the kitchen.

    If you're looking for food ideas she might have some!

    P.S. Hope you enjoy your time in Thailand!

  2. I have read about this lack of nutritional options at the schools or the city in general in S. Korea. It is nice that you will get away from it for a bit in Thailand and that you are also creating new meals yourself. I love rice but not everyday. Gag.lol.

  3. $1 pad thai? Super jealous. x