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Sunday, January 4, 2009

A class full of kids named Dwight, Pam, Michael Scott and Stanley

When kids come to the English village, they use an English name for the week. Most students already have names when they come here and continue with that, but for a few, the teachers get to christen the students.

Some teachers choose average, albeit slightly boring, names. We're talking Jenny, Jinny, Sally and Sunny for the girls, and John, Michael, Tony and June for the boys. Boooooring.

I love naming the kids because I try to choose ones that are unusual or, if nothing else, make me laugh.

The old standby is to name kids after characters from "The Office." There is a whole slew of Dwights this week, thanks to me -- just hearing the name Dwight makes me laugh. There are also several Michael Scotts, and a Pam, Stanley, Jim, Angela, Andy and Meredith. I totally forgot about Phyllis -- bummer.

The best week was when I named an entire team after characters from "Absolutely Fabulous" -- Edina, Patsy, Bubble, Marshall, Saffron, and Justin. Absolutely wonderful!

Sometimes I go the celebrity route if they already have an English name, making Tom into Tom Hanks and Julie into Julie Andrews, but since the kids usually don't know these people, it's not quite as funny.

What's great is that many of these students will keep these names for the rest of the time they study English and beyond, so perhaps there will be an army of Dwights and Bubbles walking around Korea in about ten years...


  1. hahaha that's hilarious erin :)

  2. Hahahahahaha You're amazing! I wish I had that kind of power over children!