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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Easy dilemmas

It's kind of nice that the biggest concern in my life right now, the most pressing issue taking up my waking and sleeping hours, is where to go on vacation at the end of January. I literally have no worries besides that. All I need to do is choose a vacation destination and buy tickets -- so why am I so stressed over this?

Trip planning in general that frustrates me. I'm a classic Type A, bossy, controlling personality. I like to have things planned to a T which can be hard when you're preparing to visit laid-back, low-key southeast Asia. Planning last summer's vacation to Central America was difficult enough but Asia is a whole 'nother ball game, people. Even buying plane tickets needs be done through my boss because the websites aren't in English.

I'll probably spend a week and a half traveling with Jeanette so we're now just trying to nail down specific places. Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia? Thailand, Laos and Cambodia? Suggestions? Thoughts? Want to come?

It's not a bad situation to be in. And it's moments like these where I remember what an incredible life I have and to occasionally stop and smell the proverbial roses.

1 comment:

  1. I vote for Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. I have a new fascination with Loas and would like to live vicariously through you until I actually get there. lol. But seriously, I would love to have these kinds of worries. Enjoy your time there. It sounds like you are having a great time overall.