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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I've fallen in a rut where everything in Seoul has become normal and nothing seems extraordinary or new anymore. Sometimes I forget that there are beautiful sites to be seen everyday -- well, almost everyday -- and to take a minute to appreciate them.

I was going back over some old photos today from the first month I was here and there are some great shots. I miss going out with my camera to take interesting pictures. So this weekend my goal is to try to appreciate what's around me. Even if it's something I see all the time, there will come a point where I won't be surrounded by it and should stop to make a memory and take some pictures.

Plus I miss having pretty pictures that aren't just of people. I like finding the beauty in the little things. So, I promise, there will be more pictures on this blog. I'm boring myself with posts full of words when really, it's far more interesting to see some lovely sites.

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