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Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas, part 1

Christmas is happening in bits and pieces this year -- Christmas dinner one day a couple of weeks before the actual holiday, presents arriving at random intervals, and the movies and music playing on constant in my apartment. This will certainly be the most anticlimactic Christmas I've ever experienced, but surely one never to be forgotten.

Seoul is somewhat decorated for Christmas. Big tourist attractions are covered in white lights and the music plays in a few stores, but it's not nearly as done up as any American or European city I've ever visited. Sure, it's a national holiday and most schools are closed (although mine is open), but kids just see this as a day off from school. They might get one or two presents but even that is a new tradition.

All the teachers here had a big Christmas dinner a couple of weeks ago, with turkey and all the fixings provided by the USO. Yummo:

Church is also decorated beautifully -- I'll try to take more pictures after the services this week but this is what the entrance looks like:

My friend Lauren blogged about her Charlie Brown-esque Christmas tree, but I think I've got her beat:

Yes, it's made from construction paper, crayons and tape. Be jealous. Thanks to everyone who sent Christmas cards -- I love seeing them!

I thought this was a really pretty Christmas tree in Samcheong-dong. The restaurant owners decorated an outdoor tree with pictures of their customers:

Christmas festivities for this week include Christmas Eve at Seoul's JW Marriott with some friends, church services both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and a huge traditional turkey dinner that night back at the Marriott. I can't wait.

And, of course, we'll be trying to squeeze in as many more Christmas movies as we possibly can this week, with at least one Hanukkah film during Melissa's latke party tomorrow night. Mmmm!!

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  1. Totally got me beat! Where's the fireplace you talked about? also, I saw my card! I saw my card!