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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter Is Here

It may only be mid-November but winter arrived in Seoul today with our first snowfall. The snow only fell for a few minutes and didn't stick but still -- SNOW! In November!

The weather has quickly changed from "warm enough to not need a coat" to "Brrr! Get me inside!" and it's been a sudden adjustment. Thankfully I'm well-equipped with two winter coats, gloves, a hat and an abundance of scarves.

Despite being a busy week with tons of kids, it's not too bad. I'm teaching mostly cooking this week, which is probably the easiest class here (maybe with the exception of Lego and Art). Basically I spend 45 minutes helping the kids make, and then eat, chocolate chip cupcakes. Not bad, eh?

Plus tomorrow (Wednesday) is my day off and I plan to spend the day shopping for Christmas presents in Insadong. Got to get those in the mail this weekend if they're going to make it to the East Coast in time for Christmas -- mail takes quite a bit longer to get from Korea to the US than vice versa.

We're already getting in the holiday spirit here. I haven't yet figured out what to do for Thanksgiving, but Christmas is already on my mind. Jeanette has a little paper Christmas tree we can decorate, and we have a long list of movies to watch (ranging from Love Actually and The Holiday to White Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street). It will be hard to be away from home for Christmas for the first time ever, but it will definitely to be an unforgettable experience.

36 days until Christmas! And less than 2 weeks until Simone's visit!


  1. It's officially below freezing in Maryland and it was not a pleasant happening, but at least it hasn't snowed yet!!!

  2. We got snow all over Maryland today! Mom said there was more on the shore than anything we got over here! Very unusual