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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Terps Worldwide

American brands and logos are popular beyond belief here. Without having any idea what their sweatshirts say, Koreans of all ages sport the names of American sports teams (Yankees are by far the most common), clothing companies (anyone want a Hanes sweatshirt?) and food corporations (Hersheys and Coca Cola).

Of all the sports teams and brands I've seen represented in Seoul, nothing excited me as much as stumbling upon this hat in Dongdaemun Market yesterday.

That's right! The University of Maryland makes its mark in Seoul. Way to go, Terps. Definitely the first Maryland gear I've seen in Seoul, but hopefully not the last.

Not that I bought the hat, of course.

Besides that excitement, this was my quietest weekend here.

Last night I watched Touching the Void with some friends -- it's the true story of two mountain climbers in the Andes who face the most incredible challenges and live to tell about it. Absolutely heart-wrenching and stunning. Highly recommended.

Today I spent some time cleaning the apartment -- thrilling, I know -- and then read for a couple of hours at Community Cafe. The owner is just so sweet. She even brought over a doughnut on the house, just because she's a sweetheart like that. I'm still working my way through Edward Rutherfurd's London but that should be done within the week and then I'll stock up at Itaewon's What the Book.

This week will be the busiest at work so far. C'est la vie.


  1. YAY Terps Int'l. We knew all those diversity programs would pay off someday

  2. Although I haven't actually MET any fellow Terps here, just seen the gear. ;)