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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Seoul Forest

Okay, so the name Seoul Forest is a bit of a misnomer. Seoul Park, maybe, or Slightly Green and Open Area in Seoul, perhaps, but not Seoul Forest. "Forest" conjures up images of leafy trees, the smell of cedar and pine and adorable woodland creatures.

While there are trees and beautiful flowers, you can never escape the city in Seoul Forest -- and the maddening crush of people doesn't help. Horns beep, skyscrapers are never far from sight and there are ropes around all the grassy areas to prevent anyone from daring to leave the pavement. Very disappointing, especially compared to yesterday's lovely trip to Olympic Park.

One thing Seoul never disappoints with is people-watching. Adorable children and families picnicking everywhere! I've completely lost any sense that it's wrong to take pictures of random children -- they are just too cute not to!

At least I was able to get out into the sunshine and take some decent pictures so it wasn't a total loss. Plus it was followed by a nice, long visit to Starbucks where I enjoyed a latte and read (Edward Rutherfurd's London) for nearly two hours. All in all, not a bad Sunday.

And now it's back to the grind... if you can call playing bingo and dressing kindergarteners up in wigs "the grind."

Apparently there was some sort of environmental festival going on, so there were lots of giveaways and performances.

Modern art?

Fun with reflection

What is wrong with the Dad's eye?

Each handprint represents a pledge to be more eco-conscious.

The moon tonight.

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