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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Olympic Park

We're getting spoiled here with so many lovely autumn days...not that I'm complaining, of course. It's wonderful.

Today was the perfect day to explore Olympic Park, site of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. It's one of the few large green areas of Seoul and the only place I've found so far where you really escape the city -- and even here, there's almost nowhere that you CAN'T see or hear the city.

World Peace Gate

It's been such an adjustment living in Seoul compared to Washington and London, two cities with lots of open space and grass to walk on. I guess those cities spoiled me but it was a relief to see trees and grass today... although apparently there are distinct rules about where you can and can't walk on the grass here... which Melissa and I only learned when we were yelled and whistled at by a security guard. Oops!

There are also pieces of modern art scattered throughout the park, as the Seoul Olympic Museum of Art is located here.

The park was full of people today, everyone trying to get one last taste of warm-ish weather and sunshine before the cold, dark winter days set in. There was also some sort of talent show going on that attracted tons of people -- interesting to see young Korean boys dancing and singing to New Kids on the Block.

Flame of Peace

Young rice plants

Olympic Park is a beautiful place to spend the day and I'll be interested to go back in the spring and see how things have changed.

Interesting church

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  1. I absolutely love the picture of you throwing the leaves and the one of the small child wrapped in the polka dot blanket! Too cute!