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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Sporting Obama pride in Seoul

For the first time in a long time, I'm proud to be American. I'm proud that my country stood up for change, took a risk and made history. Watching the election results today with friends from around the world, I was finally not ashamed of something my country had done and felt such a sense of unity with others.

Thank God my coworkers are all liberals.

It did break my poor Washingtonian heart a little to see people celebrating in the streets of DC. Allie told me she stayed out until 3 a.m., running around the streets and chanting pro-Obama slogans in front of the White House. I wish I could have been back just for one day to take part because watching from afar, it's easy to feel disconnected. But it is a cool memory to have been in Korea when the US made history.

Yep, we even broke out the American flag pins. That has NEVER happened before.

Tonight a group of us -- American, Canadian, Australian, English -- went to our local pub to celebrate the big win. It was a great gathering of people who all feel such a sense of hope for the future.

I do hope people realize that change won't come easily -- once Obama is sworn in, he can't just snap his fingers and end the war, or nationalize healthcare, or reform social security. But with a resounding majority in both the House and Senate, there is finally a chance to really alter the American landscape, and I am definitely ready.

I've always loved American politics but this definitely goes down as one of the defining political moments of my life.

Great update from Stuff White People Like:

We like America. Yes, yes we do.

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  1. hahahaha the stuffwhitepeoplelike screen shot is a nice touch.