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Friday, November 28, 2008

It'll break your heart the way things are

I cried tonight after the orphans left.

You might remember that I blogged a few days ago about how difficult this week has been, with out-of-control students and wild antics. I can't pretend to be sorry about the week ending simply because it was so draining, both physically and emotionally.

Slowly this week, I came to feel such an attachment so some of these kids. Every week there are students you bond with and are sad to see go (well, maybe "sad" isn't the right word but you remember them, at least). But it was different with these kids. Because while usually the students return to their parents and lives, what does the future hold for the orphans? Where do they go tonight?

While they might be hellraisers in class, out of class these students turn into different people. They crave attention and constantly want to hold your hand, play with your hair (or have their hair played with) and get any kind of one-on-one attention they can.

Today at graduation, I at one point had one little girl riding piggy-back, two more clutched to each leg, and another holding my hands. And I couldn't help but wonder -- what is next for these orphans? What kind of home do they go to tonight? What are their daily lives like? How often do they get any kind of individualized attention, whether it's a piggy-back ride or just a hug.

My heart breaks for them. It's a life I can't even imagine and in this season of thanksgiving, gave me a million more things to be genuinely thankful for.

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