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Monday, October 13, 2008

Youth in Asia

Weekends here don't really exist when you're off work non-consecutive days. Last week, my weekend was Thursday and Saturday; this week, it's Tuesday (tomorrow) and Sunday (so I'll finally get to check out a church with some of my coworkers).

Saturday was spent touristing and spending time with friends. I'd heard great things about the War Memorial of Korea and since it was such a beautiful day, Melissa and I spent most of the day there. It's a stunning memorial with a museum commemorating Korea's military history from basically the beginning of human habitation here.

Most of the museum focuses on the Korean and Vietnam wars, so we learned a lot that had never been taught in school (it seemed to me like the Korean War was virtually ignored in high school in favor of the much "sexier" Vietnam War).

While much of the museum was just propaganda for the Korean military and filled with pro-ROK slogans, it was very informative and had great interactive displays. The highlight was the outdoor memorial, however, which has a beautiful manmade pond and the names of every person who died in the Korean War inscribed on the wall.

We also got to see part of a Korean wedding, with the bride wearing a traditional hanbok. Very cool to witness this beautiful ceremony.

Side note: I'm very excited that my friend Brie, with whom I worked briefly during summer 2007, is coming to Bucheon to teach in December. It will be fabulous to have her here, especially since this is something we used to talk about at work more than a year ago, so it's a definite blessing to have a familiar face move to this corner of the world.

Random moment of the day: Despite having a terrible group of kids in my classes today, two of my male students took to calling me "Angelina Jolie." I don't know why but now every time I see them, they point and scream out, "Angelina Jolie! Angelina Jolie!" Oh, kids!

War Memorial of Korea

American military who died in the Korean War

Korean children = adorable!

Gorgeous day!

Sarah Palin?

Replica of a traditional boat

The Korean girl who took this picture couldn't stop giggling...

Why does one man have a lute, the other maracas, and the third a huge gun?!

Traditional wedding ceremony

Just the perfect day! :-)

Cool alley in Itaewon

Mom and Eff, I thought you'd like this one. This is just a random shop but uses the Discovery logo.

A lovely, classy place in Itaewon? Yes!

Mmmm...SO good!!


  1. OOOOHHHH! Thanks for my shout out I don't think I have ever had one of those before. Take the Angelina Jolie thing as a compliment since everyone thinks she is so beautiful;)

    See ya soon

    Keep bloging away!

  2. so...angelina jolie huh? a step up from obese i guess. just shows that kid had bad taste. so when do the adoptions start?