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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where everybody knows your name

Things I love: Coffee shops. People watching. Reading. Good hot chocolate and tea. Mellow music mixes. Comfy couches.

To find the perfect combination of the above is difficult -- Starbucks comes close but is always over-crowded. Caribou usually does the job but can get noisy.

But here in Seoul, we have the perfect place.

Community Cafe is just a few minutes from campus and a small, community-oriented place. The owner (and sole employee) is a really sweet woman who recognizes all her regular customers and makes you feel welcome the minute you come in, which is probably why so many SEV teachers hang out there.

The hand-decorated menu is simple: many different teas, a few coffee drinks, a ham-and-cheese sandwich, homemade potato soup and red bean sherbet.

What I really love is the homey feel Community Cafe gives me. Tonight I took a book and just spent time warm and cozy, listening to a really chill mix of music and drinking perfect hot chocolate. (Yesterday, when I took the pictures, I had lemon tea and I'm convinced that cured my laryngitis...)

So when you're visiting me in Seoul -- which I know you're all planning on doing -- prepare to spend at least one afternoon or evening at Community Cafe. Curl up on a comfy cushioned chair, drink some rosemary tea, and just relax. That's what I'll be doing all year long...

(and I just realized I have no pictures of the adorable decor but trust me, it's all cushiony and cozy and warm and absolutely lovely...)