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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She works hard for the money

...well, not really.

Full-time teaching started this week--done with observation and now commanding my own classroom. And the truth? It's pretty easy. The downside to that is I'm not sure how much my students are learning and absorbing, or how much will stay with them once they leave SEV.

Let me explain how it works.

Most kids come to SEV for a six day, five night intensive English camp. They attend a variety of classes ranging from dance and music, to art and cooking, to doctor and post office. The point is to offer an interactive learning environment where the kids use English all week long--the school's number one rule is NO KOREAN.

Every teacher teaches a range of classes but usually six or seven 45-minute classes a day; some weeks we might teach fewer classes and more break periods, it just depends on the number of students enrolled for the week, but we get paid the same regardless of how many classes we teach. We work five days a week with two off (so this week, I get off Thursday and Sunday). The majority of students are elementary-school age, although sometimes we get middle- and high-schoolers, but that's rarer.

This week I'm teaching transportation and police station. Basic class structure is to teach new vocab, then play games that reinforce those words. Each class has a thorough lesson plan so there is more than enough material to fill the period. Transportation: go over different modes of transportation (car, plane, boat, etc.), play several games where they identify objects, then teach them "red light" "green light" "straight ahead" etc. Police: vocab (criminal, police officer, evidence), word identification games.

It's all really structured and simple. We also get some kindergarteners in for the day and they range from two to six years old -- VERY cute. They all want to hold your hand and hug you.

So that's it. Work is going fine and since that's the part I was most worried about coming to Korea, it looks like this year will be fine. Been hanging out with all the other teachers -- for the most part, everyone is really fantastic. And so that's the latest from Seoul - -getting ready to head to bed and prepare for hump day.


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  1. Glad to hear that work is going well for you! Sounds like the kids are super cute...are you allowed to take/post pictures of them or the classroom in general?