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Friday, October 3, 2008

Pictures PLUS Dr. Fish

Sightseeing today in Seoul but for now, a recap of the first few days:

Lunch, day 1: chicken teriyaki sandwich

Beautiful gates near campus -- I think it's a Buddhist temple...

Want to see my teensy, tiny apartment?
Entrance to campus

View from front door

Notice that the shower is directly over the toilet--it takes FOREVER for the floor to dry!

"Kitchen" aka mini-fridge, sink, hot plate and--as of last night--an electric kettle! (wild!)

Need more blankets and a mattress pad

View from bed

My entire living space

View from porch -- a National Park!

And other direction -- another apartment building and the mini-golf/ultimate frisbee green

Last night after enjoying a delicious traditional Korean barbecue dinner (where you sit on the floor and cook the food on a little grill built into the table), our friend Tanja took us to Dr. Fish for a fishy pedicure. This trend has just recently come to the US but is enormously popular in Korea for a fraction of the price -- about $1.60 for a 15-minute session. Oddly, it's located in a cafe so everyone else was just sitting down drinking and chatting while we sat by the windows with fish nibbling our feet. Very bizarre but once you get used to the tickle sensation, a cool experience and one I would definitely try again.


Melissa is very ticklish...

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  1. oh weird as it sounds, i saw that fish pedi on the today show when they were in China for the olympics and i think it looks cool and more natural! glad you tried it!!