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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Only in Korea...

A few random observations:

-After being told last week by a student that I was fat, I have now been stopped the halls of school every day this week by both male and female students who say, "Teacher, you very beautiful. Teacher, you have beautiful face." So apparently I'm fat but attractive. I'll take it!

-Walking home from the subway today, an older man in his 50s wearing a very nice suit bicycled past me slowly, singing "I can't help falling in love with you" and watching me walk. It was odd but also quite funny.

-Engrish is everywhere, especially on shirts. Favorite of the day: "Drunkard's dream." Random American (usually) things are also popular for shirts--among those I saw today were Denver University, Hanes (on three different people!), AFNY (Air Force New York?) and Sport Love Sex.

Off today, work tomorrow, off Saturday, work Sunday. Odd little weekend but I'll take what I can get...


  1. re: the first thing-maybe you're big and beautiful? dove wanted us to believe it's possible, right?

    re: the second-funny story about an old korean dude who hit on me in the metro today then asked me to do his english homework for him

    re: the third-i'm so on the lookout for engrish!

  2. erin!! FYI i read your blog every day. someone needs to start following you around with a video camera - your life sounds so fun :) any small asian men strike your fancy yet?

  3. my coworkers asked me if I was okay when I laughed out loud for like a minute straight at your blog.

    Also, why is booking a flight to Korea cheaper in January than in March?

  4. MK -- so happy you're reading the blog. I miss you -- we need to chat soon! <3

    Eff -- probably because the weather is crap here in January and better in March. Cold winters.