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Monday, October 20, 2008

Korean Folk Village

"I want someone to flog me." "That what she said." - yep...

The leaves have changed to beautiful shades of red and orange, the sun shines brightly every day with no rain, and it's still in the mid-70s during the day here in Seoul -- no better time to take a day trip away from the city and see what else is out there.

With that in mind, today we headed south the Korean Folk Village in Suwon. Built as a replica of a traditional Korean village, many of the buildings were transplanted from other parts of Korea to Suwon for inclusion.

There are performances throughout the day and many craftsmen and artisans practicing their trades.

Thatching a roof

It's a combination of real, working people and tourist destination -- unlike the Incheon Ceramics Village, which I also want to visit because it is more authentic and less molded for tourists, plus a great place to buy gifts.

Not that I escaped from the Korean Folk Village without doing a little bit of shopping -- an adorable tea set, tea spoon and hand-carved wooden key chain (all hand-made and hand-painted on site).


-Seeing dragon beard candy made. The "magician" takes honey from a lump form to strands as wispy as hair, and does it all with lightning speed. Stuffed with nuts, it's incredible to watch and delicious to eat.

-Amazing performances -- horses and traditional dances and see-saw -- oh my!

-Watching potters at work turning huge lumps of clay into beautiful pots.

From this...

..to this...

...to this.

-Traditional Korean lunch. Pretty much the same as most dinners out here but better than usual and I tried a new dish (samgyetang).

-Wood-carving done in front of you. We all bought keychains (mine says Perserverence) with our names in Korean and English.

Didn't get a picture of him carving mine, but this is Jeanette's...

-Adorable children. In the words of Melissa, "They're so much cuter when I'm not teaching them!"

-It was the perfect autumn day, even better because it was so warm and the sun shone so brightly. Ideal for picture-taking.

And now it's back to a full week of work...

Double virilities?


  1. Beautful! I can't wait to come visit. You're going to totally out do me on our photo blog haha.

  2. good work with the food pictures. i'm hungry

  3. haha! submit that last photo to engrish!