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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Climb ev'ry mountain

This is just my neighborhood and a little beyond, not NEARLY all of Seoul! Crazy, right?

...or at least the ones right in your backyard.

Besides having absolutely no voice (probably from yelling at kids all last week), I felt great today and ready for some activity beyond walking the five steps from my apartment to work. So when friends suggested hiking the "easy" mountain behind campus, I immediately agreed.

About halfway up -- random badminton court

Okay, so "easy" is a relative term here -- maybe easy for people used to, you know, mountain climbing. But this short hike made the Billy Goat Trail seem like a stroll through a gently rolling meadow... And everyone in Korea does it! Children, babies even, run up the mountain or are carried if they can't.

But the views... The views make it all worth the climb.

These exercise stations are all along the trails

Random: Melissa posted a video from the infamous "duck heart eating" a couple of weeks ago. See, it went down nice and easy!

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