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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The world is your oyster

One of my favorite things to do is plan trips. Domestic, international--it really doesn't matter as long as it's getting out to see something new and exciting. The actual trip itself is the best part, of course, but I adore the thinking and planning and general adrenaline rush that comes along with organizing a vacation. A total Type A personality, I know, and recognize that control is an issue. Oh well.

With our upcoming move to Seoul, Melissa and I are already discussing trips away from Korea (Yes, a little premature, but that's how we roll). It's so thrilling to realize that there are literally no limits, outside of time constraints, to where we can go. Australia? Sure, we get a week off, why not? China? Easy weekend trip, let's go! Japan? I've heard of Koreans who take day trips to Japan just to get some shopping done.

Now, if you're reading this from your desk job, don't feel to sorry for yourself. After all, you're making a ton more money than we will be, can (most likely) speak the local language and generally know your way around your town. Not so much for us.

So the big question is: WHY take a job almost 7000 miles from home in a country neither of us has ever visited, with a language neither speaks?

There are a million reasons (to be adventurous, to learn something new, to meet people, to avoid getting a desk job and being excruciatingly bored and therefore becoming boring) but what it comes down to is: WHY NOT?

Korea countdown: 18 days.

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