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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Korea update

Since everyone keeps asking, here's the latest. Everything cleared through immigration in Korea and I have a visa interview Tuesday afternoon. Provided that goes well (and no reason to think it won't) I'll fly from DC to Seoul on September 26, arriving the next day.

Two weeks from tomorrow. It's hard to believe that from a simple "Hey, wouldn't it be cool...?" with Melissa six months ago and here we are so close to departure. It's a mix right now of absolute excitement and a terrible case of nerves. I can only imagine how it will feel the night before but for now, I'm just ready to get going.

Once we have an address I'll post that and I expect everyone to send me their addresses so I can send postcards. Internet = no problemo so I'm happy to stay connected and in touch.

Korea countdown: 15 days!!

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