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Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's the hormones talking

My cousins have convinced me I'm crazy.

We went to lunch Thursday to enjoy tapas at the always delicious Jaleo in Bethesda and somehow the conversation turned to the last movie we had seen, either in theatres or on DVD. (Is it bad that I still want to type "on video"? Some things never change...) And that's when they convinced me that I'm losing my mind.


I confessed that I cried during The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants--the first, not the second. It's not like the entire movie was one giant sobfest but watching it with two of my best friends as we prepared to go our separate ways and hearing the characters describe the same situation..well...it was an emotional moment. In my defense, my friends (who shall remain nameless) also teared up so it isn't just me losing it.

What we realized during this conversation was that there are movies for everyone somewhat irrationally brings tears. It might not make sense to everyone else but it strikes you in a certain way.

Do you have a movie like that?

One friend said she cries every time she watches A League of Their Own and I can see that--come on, when Betty Spaghetti's husband dies, it's pretty tragic! Another gets choked up watching Finding Nemo.

(Side note: See Burn After Reading. It's completely unexplainable but has an amazing cast and keeps you engaged. Not as good as the brilliant Fargo but still enjoyable.)


  1. I've cried watching the movie "Jack" -- the Robin William's movie where he plays a 10-year-old in the body of a 40-year-old.
    It's just so sad when he can't go out and play with his friends because he's different!
    Makes me sad thinking about it! :(

  2. I totally cried during A League of Their Own as well, but about twelve different times throughout.

    (I feel so lame for admitting that!!)

  3. I cry every time I watch "Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey" and the old dog comes running home at the end even though everyone thinks he's dead.

    This has happened about 4 times, two of which were in college.

  4. A League of Their Own: I only remember crying at the end when all the old women are singing their song and then the sisters see each other and hug...sigh.

    Homeward Bound is possibly the saddest movie ever. Saw it once as a child, cried hysterically, never watched it again.