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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The finish line is in sight!

I'm sure you're sick of reading about me preparing for Korea, with no adventures yet to speak of or hijinks to detail. Well, as of next Friday, that all changes. Today was the final step in this long bureaucratic journey--the visa interview. Even though this was THE event that determined whether I'd move to Korea and teach or stay in DC and be a completely unemployed bum, it was the easiest interview ever. "Have you ever been to Korea? No? (tee hee hee) Okay, um, why do you want to come to Korea? Okay. (tee hee hee) Okay, so you can come back Friday to pick it up."

Yep, that was it. A handful of questions to reiterate my name, where I got my degree and where I'm teaching and I'm on my way. The visa will be ready Friday--not sure why it takes three days to put a stamp on a passport, but whatever--and then I'll leave a week from then. Hopefully my flight gets booked in the next few days because that is causing me the most anxiety at this point.

And my darling Lauren coordinated a brilliant going-away party for this weekend which I'm very excited to attend. One final hurrah before it's off to the land of kimchi--and more thrilling blogging.

Thanks for sticking with me--it will be worth it soon!


  1. It's becoming more real - sigh, bittersweet. Thanks for the blog shout out too!

  2. Re: your last post, I strongly suggest you pack a lot (a LOT) of tampons because the ones in Asia are hard to come by and do not have applicators... sorry this is a little personal, but I wish someone had told me! Also, lots of stomach medicine because it may take time to get used to the food.

    And if you have big feet like me, I recommend bringing a lot of shoes. Korea may be different, but in China I get treated like Godzilla whenever I walk into a shoe store. (I'm an 8 1/2.)

    Btw I am in Shanghai for the next year. We'll be in the same time zone! If you and Melissa ever get the urge to visit the PRC, you are always welcome in my luxurious dorm room furnished by the Chinese govt.