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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whales and bears and puffins--oh my!

Still gorgeous scenery. Still delicious seafood. Still freezing cold.

Wow, wow and wow. College Fjord and Glacier Bay proved to be quite possibly the two most beautiful places I've ever seen before. We're still sailing through Glacier Bay right now and the serene beauty of this place takes my breath away. After the sun briefly made an appearance, clouds took over the day and are hanging low over the water, gently enveloping the massive mountain peaks. Earlier, huge chunks of ice calved (yes, that's the technical term) off glaciers and thundered into the water. Alaska is truly like nowhere else on earth.

It doesn't get any better than this...

I wouldn't call myself a "nature person" (and no one else would either!) but this is just so magnificent that even I feel like getting "back" to nature. Our guide made every moment here sound almost religious and that's the best way to describe it--a religion of nature--all the grandeur and beauty that have been provided courtesy of Mother Earth. It's chilling to think that many of these glaciers are slowly retreating and experts predict that some of the glaciers we've seen this week will be completely gone in as few as 5-10 years. Scary...

Alaska was never somewhere I was dying to visit until the past year or so but having been here only a short time, I'm so grateful to have this opportunity. Truly, if you're thinking about coming up here, do it soon. Global warming is really wreaking havoc on the ecosystem and who knows what you'll find if you wait another 1o or 20 years...

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  1. I'll go back with you!

    p.s. sorry i'm late on all the postings...i hope it didn't make you sad.