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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well played, John McCain

Everyone counted you down and out. "Can't beat the Obama-Biden ticket," we said. "It combines youthful charisma and charm that attracts both young and old, and the foreign policy experience needed to get elected."

Well, you certainly proved us wrong when you announced your surprise VP pick yesterday: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Why was this so smart? Because, even if just for a moment, you made millions of women across America stop, scratch their heads and say, "Hmmm..." Sure, I'd never vote for McCain but even I, a liberal, free-thinking woman, took a moment to imagine how incredible it would be to have a female just a heartbeat away from the presidency.

The idea passed, naturally, since I'm not stupid enough to vote gender lines (and I assume the majority of American women are smart enough not to be pulled in by this obvious pandering to disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters). But just for a minute, I had to stop and wonder: "What it?"

This is finally a great time to be American. I've spent too much time abroad being truly ashamed of my nationality--I'm now proud that this November, we will make history with either candidate. I know who I'm choosing but finally, it seems like the tide is turning in America.

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