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Friday, August 29, 2008

Laugh until you cry

Anyone who knows me also knows of my unending love for British television. Comedy, drama, talk show--I'll watch 'em all. Since it's nearly impossible to find most of these shows anywhere on American television--or if they do air here, it's often on an obscure cable channel--I end up watching a lot of YouTube.

Aah...remember the good old days when Comedy Central showed "Absolutely Fabulous" and "French and Saunders"? No? Okay, well trust me, those were definitely the good old days. (And if you don't know either of those shows, stop right now and head immediately to YouTube. Seriously. Go. I'll wait.)

Something about the British sense of humor--oh, I'm sorry, humour--hits me the right way like nothing else can. In my temporarily unemployed and bored state, I've spent quite a bit of time catching up on shows old and new thanks to the Internet, which led me to this bit o' blogging.

Either you love it or you don't--and I love it! In the immortal words of Julie Andrews, "These are a few of my favorite things."

(classic scene from early Ab Fab)

(French and Saunders parody "America's Next Top Model." Hilarity ensues.)

(Catherine Tate is so brilliant. And where else could you see the sitting Prime Minister appear on a comedy show?)

The end. Clearly I need to start working soon.

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