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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The miracle of the Internet

Okay, this might be about 20 years too late but here it is: the Internet is an amazing invention. And even more so, Facebook has completely revolutionized friendships and the way we keep in touch with people across the world. This might be completely obvious but it was only in the past few weeks that I began to feel more thankful than ever for Facebook and the social interaction it provides.

Right now, I'm still in Washington, DC, before making the big leap across the world to South Korea. From my house in DC I can keep in daily contact with friends around the world and around the United States. From France to South Africa, Honduras to England. New York, California, Ohio, Indiana and Florida...and on and on. Whereas 30 years ago when my parents went to college it was difficult to keep in touch post-graduation (or at least, more complicated than taking two minutes to send an e-mail), today it's nearly impossible to NOT communicate with your closest mates.

Just the idea of having Facebook at my disposal in late summer when I move to Korea has already helped ease my nerves--although I know that in about three months, this blog will be full of posts documenting homesickness and frayed nerves. It's the simple thought that no matter how bad things are, my best friends are just an email away and whether it's sharing pictures and video, keeping updated on everyone's love lives, or just playing a game of Scrabulous, we're able to stay connected more easily than any generation before us.
(Scrabulous...keeping friends connected across the world since 2007!)

...and now I'm off for five short but wonderful days exploring Belize and Guatemala. Will be back with a full post after the weekend. And no worries--once I actually arrive in Korea, the blog will be updated much more frequently!


  1. Wow...moving to Korea, what a country. I'd like to follow your journey through. Are you there permanent or for a short while. How fascinating :)

  2. I'll be there from roughly September-September, one full year of teaching. Very excited...and nervous, of course!

  3. korea is such a great country...hope you'll enjoy your stay there..:)