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Sunday, October 28, 2007

A little rain can't spoil a party!

Okay, I admit it. Before today, all I knew about Diwali came from that episode of "The Office" where Kelly invites her coworkers to a Diwali celebration and Michael ends up (as usual) making a fool of himself. Not exactly the strongest basis for learning about a major Hindu festival.

What it is: Diwali is the Hindu "Festival of Lights," celebrating the triumph of good over evil. People light lanterns or candles to rejoice in life and represent hope for humankind. London is an incredibly diverse city and is known for having a large number of Indian, Bengali, Pakistani and other Hindi people, so naturally Diwali in London is a huge celebration. Organizers this year estimated 17,000 people attended the festivities in Trafalgar Square. (Diwali is actually November 7 but London always holds its celebration early...)

What's really fantastic is the diversity of people who come out. All races, ethnicities and religions gather together just to have a good time--one of the best things about London is the multitude of different people managing to peacefully coexist within the city. Everyone was there to sing, dance, and have fun.

Sari-wearing demonstrations, dance lessons, free music and dancing, lots of delicious food, and Trafalgar Square all lit up--even a little rain (okay, a torrential downpour) couldn't spoil this celebration. We'll definitely be back next year!


  1. It's great to see someone who is open to diversity.

    Now your name rings a bell, so are you who I think you are?

    You have a great time over here.

    Take care

  2. yes, uk, it's me! :-D me who is in london and NOT kansas city this week...unfortunately.