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Friday, October 26, 2007

A biscuit a day...

The British love their biscuits ('cookies' to us less-refined Americans). There may only be two kinds of wheat bread available at Tesco but there are shelves full of biscuits--McVitie's, Jammie Dodgers, HobNobs, shortbread.... The list goes on and on. My personal favorite is the Maryland cookie, an average package of chocolate chip cookies redeemed by a name that reminds me of home.

There's no "biscuit guilt" here, the sensation that you shouldn't be eating sweets in the middle of the day. Instead, it's perfectly acceptable to take tea at 4 p.m. and enjoy a couple of pieces of shortbread along with your Earl Grey. It's a tradition I'm excited to take back to the U.S. and incorporate into my daily routine. ("Sorry, professor, I just need a quick break for some Darjeeling and Pepperidge Farm!")

And now there's an incredibly useful website for any tea and biscuit lover. The Ultimate Biscuit tries to discover the ideal dunk time for any biscuit. McVitie's Chocolate holds up best, while HobNobs are miles behind the competition. Just something to think about next time you're enjoying a nice cuppa. (And if you're wondering how to make that perfect cup, the BBC has detailed instructions.)


  1. Ah yes, Maryland biscuits (or "Maree-land," as the Brits say). You wonder why they chose that name. Why not, oh, Michigan? Then there are Flapjacks, which have nothing to do with pancakes and which my kids can't stand.

  2. The proper cup of Tea is a cup of Chai, lol

    You can't beat making Tea from loose tea. I was the master at this.

    As for Biscuits , yeah we got lots and lots and you really need to see or the variety of the Maryland Cookies.

    You should always see the jokes about one of our fave Soaps, EastEnders as , lol they always having one in it.

    Solves alot of problems, lol

    Tea and Cookies anyone :)

    Take care